300 Entertainment Digital Marketing

300 Entertainment Digital Marketing


Lyor Cohen, Roger Gold, Kevin Liles, and Todd Moscowitz co-founded 300 Entertainment, an independent American record label. 300 Entertainment is a 10-year-old private firm. Currently, the company focuses on the field of music. The company’s headquarters are in New York, New York, United States of America. Annual revenue for 300 Entertainment digital marketing is expected to be around $1 million.

Mission Statement: To establish a long-lasting music-based content organization with a history of high quality and risk-taking, as well as genuine dedication to artist development. A creative center that empowers musicians and their collaborators beyond the creation of music by providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to stay autonomous and participate actively in their development.


300 Entertainment Digital marketing is one of America’s most successful modern indie labels.

The organization, which is led by CEO Kevin Liles, has had success with artists such as Megan Thee Stallion, Gunna, and Young Thug.

Liles and Lyor Cohen, a former Warner Music and Def Jam colleague, formed 300 Entertainment in 2012.

Roger Gold (currently Camila Cabello’s manager) and Todd Moscowitz, a well-known A&R executive, were also co-founders at 300.

Signings like Fetty Wap and Migos, who released their first album with the label, have been among its numerous achievements throughout the years.

Google was an early investor in New York-based 300 Entertainment, putting in a seven-figure sum in its early years.

In2016, Lyor Cohen departed 300 Entertainment to become YouTube’s Global Head of Music, leaving Kevin Liles as the label’s sole president.

Rob Stevenson, former EVP of Republic Records, will join 300 as a Partner in late 2020, according to Liles.

Requirements to work here


Has 3-4 years of digital, social, and/or streaming expertise and can comfortably speak to all teams about digital marketing and streaming. Understands the value of a good asset and how to build one efficiently and at scale.

Has platform and partner relationship management experience. Has expertise in planning, implementing, optimizing, and analyzing digital advertising campaigns both with and without the help of an agency partner Has experience dealing directly with artists and their management teams

Knows when and how to overcommunicate on digital channels, including reporting and operations. Technology is a must.

Responsibilities for a worker there

1. Develop and implement fan acquisition tactics, as well as collaborate with new, engaging digital platforms and businesses to create, promote, and optimize content.

2. Work closely with all social and streaming partners to improve our marketing ideas and strategies, to become strategic partners. Develop a compelling online marketing strategy for our roster of artists in collaboration with our digital marketing team.

3. Collaboration with Marketing, A&R, Promotions, Creative, and Operations to bring campaigns and projects to life, as well as day-to-day tasks.Build community/fan engagement initiatives

4. Create intriguing new online content that is tailored to each distribution network/channel. Execute successful online marketing strategies for musicians.

5. Work closely with artists and their management to ensure that requests and expectations are addressed wisely and efficiently.

6. Attend and contribute to all relevant company meetings about assigned projects and give timely follow-ups to the department head.

7. For music/video/tour engagement, contact and maintain digital, social, and viral marketing agencies and networks.

8. For the internal team to better understand movement across all channels, weekly/daily metrics + performance reports across social media and streaming platforms are provided.

What’s new with 300 Entertainment?

300 Entertainment, the company that signed Megan Thee Stallion and Young Thug and was purchased by Warner Music for $400 million earlier this month, has formed 300 Studios, a content, and film subsidiary. “RACE: Bubba Wallace,” the company’s first project, will premiere on Netflix next month.

Kevin Liles is the chairman/CEO of both 300 Entertainment and Elektra Music Group, while former Viacom executives Kelly Griffin and Nolan Baynes are the head of creative strategy and GM, respectively. According to the statement, the company “is poised to develop multi-format, feature, and episodic programming from a cultural standpoint.”

According to the press release, 300 Studios is working on more than 20 projects, including films, music-lifestyle programs, episodic programming, and podcasts.

Wallace, the first full-time African American driver in the NASCAR Cup Series, competes for Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin’s 23XI racing team and utilizes his platform to speak out against racial injustice in the six-episode “RACE.”

In addition to “RACE,” three hundred Studios has already discharged over eighty-five episodes of “Unplugged,” a digital series that options freelance musicians from all around the world playing carry on three hundred Entertainment’s official YouTube channel each weekday.

Liles is best illustrious for his work as a music governor, however, he has conjointly written, produced, the government made, and collaborated on many feature films, short stories, and documentaries, “Including rush Hour” and “Rush Hour II,” as well as “The Show,” “Survival of the Illest,” “How High,” “Blood Brother,” and others.

What’s with Warner and 300 Entertainment?

There’s been some discussion this week about how much Warner Music Group spent to acquire Kevin Liles’ 300 Entertainment.

On the day of the announcement, Warner bought Theory Entertainment LLC, doing business as 300 Entertainment digital marketing, according to an SEC filing (December 16).

The purchase was made by the provisions of a merger agreement between Warner Music and the other parties involved.

“On Dec sixteen, 2021, Warner Music cluster corporation. (the “Company”) purchased Theory recreation LLC d/b/a three hundred recreations, in keeping with the terms and conditions of the contract, entered on a similar date between Warner Music opposition. and millimeter Investment LLC, each wholly-owned subsidiary of the corporate, the customer Representative, Trifecta Merger Subsidiary LLC, Theory recreation LLC d/b/a three hundred recreations, and the vendor Representative,” in keeping with the filing.

“The merger value was $400 million in money, subject to adjustment for assets, cash, financial obligation, and costs,” the statement additional says.

The complete language of the merger agreement will be made available to investors in Warner’s next quarterly earnings report.

Warner appears to have utilized cash from a $535 million debt refinancing announced earlier this month to pay the transaction.