Clickbank Party Affiliate Summit East

Clickbank Party Affiliate Summit East

You are not the only one who wants to make money using Clickbank. The e-commerce platform reaches over 200 million people worldwide with a library of over 4,000 different items. It links over 6 million digital content producers with affiliate marketers, who subsequently offer their products to consumers. The site utilises an affiliate network, which makes it simple for registered users to enhance their visibility and market their ebooks, online courses, movies, and music to additional people.

There are two primary methods to profit with Clickbank. Create your items and put them as the first option.

The second method is to offer other people’s items instead of creating your own while earning a commission on each transaction. Vendors have a range of commission options from 1% to 75%.


Both an affiliate market and an online storefront for producers of digital content may be found on Clickbank.

You may add your product to Clickbank’s database as a content owner, and they will manage the sale and checkout process and promote it to their network of affiliate marketers.

Joining Clickbank Party Affiliate Summit East as an affiliate marketer is free, there is no application or screening procedure, and you may promote the links and provide traffic to as many items as you want.

Selling Your Products on Clickbank

It is simple to market your digital products and services with Clickbank. The one-time activation cost for signing up as a vendor on the service is $49.95. Following vendor registration, you will list your goods (s). The compensation percentage you will provide to anyone who wishes to advertise and promote your product on your behalf will then be determined by you.

Other Clickbank users will begin marketing your product on their websites as soon as it is available. This will increase visitors to your website’s sales page and generate sales.

Clickbank Is a Tool for Generating Leads

Make sure your landing page—the location all of your affiliates are bringing visitors to—is user-friendly, sales-oriented, and has a clear call to action if you sell a product on Clickbank. People will just click through and leave your website if you don’t. Although this will increase visitors to your website, it will not bring you any money.

Because you might not instantly sell 100,000 copies of your e-book, it might be best to think about Clickbank as a lead generation tool. You may use Clickbank as a gateway to get people to your website and subscribe to your newsletter.

Once they’ve signed up for your newsletter, you have infinite opportunities to market to them (rather than just one opportunity).

Selling Other People’s Products on Clickbank

You may serve as an affiliate on  Clickbank Party Affiliate Summit East in addition to selling your products, which entails promoting goods offered by other sellers. When you register to become a Clickbank affiliate, you may instantly browse the many goods offered for sale. Over 4,000 distinct goods are available on the Clickbank platform; to start, it may be beneficial to refine your search by product category and commission %.

Before agreeing to promote a vendor’s goods, it is crucial to scrutinise their sales page. Even though they may be giving a 75% commission rate, if their website does not seem reliable, you will not be able to make sales no matter how much traffic you send their way.

Marketing Clickbank Products

You should build a website with affiliate offers comparable to the Clickbank items you wish to market. WordPress provides a free version of its content management system (CMS) that you can use to start posting articles right away if you do not have a website.

You may utilise your articles to capture readers’ interest before introducing your Clickbank affiliate offer somewhere in the text. You may also create a newsletter and distribute it to your audience as frequently as you can to advertise your Clickbank products.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

You can potentially earn more money with Clickbank the more people visit your website. Spend some time finding keywords that are often searched for and are related to the product you want to offer if you want to increase your traffic. You may frequently gain some traffic from search engines if you produce articles and other material based on such keywords, mainly if you target long-tail keyword phrases.

Instead of being limited to one or two words, long-tail keyword phrases are lengthier and more precise. For instance, if you want to advertise an online poker school, you may conduct keyword research and determine that there is too much competition for “online poker courses” from other websites.

However, an article based on answering the question “When to push during a sit-n-go?” doesn’t have as much competition and may yield more traffic.

Optimise Your Website and Capture Visitor Information

The most crucial thing is ensuring that your website is functioning and free of errors, whether you are marketing your goods or someone else’s material. Additionally, you should start collecting visitor data as soon as feasible. Offering a newsletter is one method to do this. It might help you develop a loyal audience to promote all of your offers in the future if it is routinely published.

Pros & Cons Of ClickBank

I adore Clickbank Party Affiliate Summit East , and I believe it to be an excellent starting point for new affiliate marketers who want to make money online without having to deal with more complicated affiliate networks.

There is no cap, you are not required to accept 90% of the offers, and you may begin selling immediately.

Trust m; it is a considerable advantage when you start and have nothing to show those significant affiliate networks in the way of a track record.

Here is a brief breakdown of the platform’s benefits and drawbacks:


  • Highly paid offers (75% commission is joint)
  • You can sell in most countries
  • Several recurring offers to sell for ongoing income
  • It takes the tech out of the way


  • Lots of shitty products & sales pages
  • Lots of competition for popular products
  • Hard to tell what does well without investing in traffic
  • High costs associated with the e-commerce platform


If you are an affiliate marketer, you might wonder why you should sell ebooks and online courses from unreliable publishers rather than just signing up with a trustworthy company like CJ or Amazon Associates and selling their items.

First off, there is a big market for online education, and  Clickbank Party Affiliate Summit East alone brings in around a quarter billion dollars in sales annually.

Second, digital items have a particular attractiveness. The most excellent margins are that beauty. Because it costs nothing to replicate a video and sell it,

One hundred per cent of sales might be regarded as profit (outside marketing costs).

Massive affiliate commissions result from high earnings. Furthermore, Clickbank pays up to 75%.