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What is a guest blogging?

The guest article is a very common technique in SEO which consists of writing and publishing an article , on a blog that is not yours, that is to say a host blog. Since you wrote this article on another blog, you are considered a guest blogger or contributor, which explains this naming.

In the absence of certain measures, you will get a counterproductive effect. The goal in becoming a guest blogger is to obtain an improvement in its natural referencing, while allowing the host blog to have a quality article.

Make a proposal to a remote site

When writing a guest post , it’s not about writing a random post and randomly submitting it to another blog. It is a question of thinking about a site with a certain notoriety and above all of choosing a theme related to yours.

To select a host blogof quality, it will be necessary to base oneself on certain criteria. It is necessary at first that the content that you propose to the blog is considered relevant, in relation to its theme but also in relation to the quality of the writing. He must also accept your proposal, so it is necessary to start a first dialogue by contacting him by email or directly by telephone. Avoid beating around the bush, you clearly have a goal, that of publishing a guest article.

Here is the benefits you will get with the guest blogging

Improves brand visibility
A big benefit of guest blogging for SEO is that it increases brand awareness. With guest blogging, you get your brand noticed on top websites.

It helps establish authority
Guest blogging is one of the most effective ways to build your business authority. People trust your brand if you’ve posted quality content on websites they know.

Great for getting links
One of the many criteria used by search engines to determine a website’s ranking is the quality and number of links pointing to the website.

Increases organic traffic
If you write a great guest blog post, you can expect traffic to start flowing to your website as soon as the blog goes live.