SMM Matrix – Social Media Marketing Tool Version 1.4

smm matrix - social media marketing tool version 1.4

This tool can be utilized to advertise on social media. The program covers every aspect of marketing via social media. It is compatible with every social media platform and provides various features. SMM Matrix offers everything you require, such as likes, views, followers, and general engagement and traffic to websites.

What’s the SMM Matrix?

Bug Finder developed SMM Matrix – Social Media Marketing Tool Version 1.4

. There are a variety of other products on the market. Since the beginning of 2019, they’ve been developing CodeCanyon. SMM Matrix can be used to increase the effectiveness of the social media presence of your company. It allows you to include payment options, communicate directly with your clients through an online ticket maker, and also check real-time data about your company. SMM Matrix also has the most effective SEO friendly methods. The dashboard is stunning and lets you quickly look over the information.

SMM Matrix: What’s the reason?

There are a variety of tools for marketing on social media available. Choosing the most effective one from the many available isn’t easy. SMM Matrix can be another. SMM Matrix is worth considering as follows:

  • Beautiful UI/UX design.
  • More than 20 payment methods
  • Show real-time information regarding your business.
  • As many services as are possible
  • Services can be easily managed by utilizing categories.
  • Your customer can be provided with an electronic ticket generation.
  • You can change the design and layout of your site at any time.
  • SEO-Friendly.
  • Responsive.
  • Premium support.
  • There are numerous alternatives.

How do I set up SMM Matrix

First, you must purchase Matrix – Social Media Marketing Tool Version 1.4

. You can buy the SMM Matrix tool from code canyon or directly from the creators of Bug-Finder. Once you’ve purchased the device, you will receive an unzipped file. Once you have extracted the file, you will find all files included, including document files, SQL folder and file. The documentation can be found on the company’s official website, and within the file you extracted.

Five tabs will be displayed to install. The first tab displays a message telling you how to turn on the program. The second tab shows an SMM Matrix tool that analyzes the server’s requirements to determine if the server’s specifications are in line with the needs of the program.

The third step is to permit storing and retrieving information within your database. The fourth step is activating the license key you received by email when purchasing the software. Additionally, you’ll require a database to be created. The final step is to get your SMM Matrix Tool installation success message. You can now apply it to your project.

It is the SMM Matrix tool has two dashboards. Its admin dashboard can be for administration, while the client dashboard is for customers. Go to https://your-sitename/admin to access your admin dashboard. To log in, enter the username and password you created when creating the database.


SMM Matrix – Social Media Marketing Tool Version 1.4

tool offers a variety of options which make it a top product. Beyond the standard features such as responsiveness, UX/UI design and SEO-friendly, SMM provides important and exclusive characteristics. They include:

Generator of Tickets

Modern websites prefer ticket systems for interaction with customers. It’s easy to use. Your website will provide the answers to customer queries on the same page.

This feature is included within SMM Matrix. It’s not easy to answer questions by email. Every question demands that you open a separate email. By using an online ticket generator, your client will be able to open a ticket, and you’ll be able to answer their questions on your site.

Data Analysis in real-time

SMM Matrix offers beautiful dashboard designs for customers as well as administrators. Both can view their information visually.

Administrators can check their balance, the number of orders received pending orders and the processing of orders. This graph will let you know the present status of your company.

You can also check your customer’s results after purchasing any product through your dashboard. The dashboard has all the data you require as a prospective customer.

Make your settings

SMM Matrix lets you modify any settings you like as an online software developer. It is possible to target any region by changing your language to anyone you would like to.

SMM allows you to alter the default timezone and currency. This tool can help you improve your social media advertising to the next step.

Payment Methods

Payment methods are essential, particularly for web-based applications. Each country has their payment method. SMM Matrix was designed to connect all nations. It has 24 options for payment that are available. These payment methods can be legal within the area in which they are meant to be employed.

Categories and Services

SMM Matrix allows you to add as many different services as you like. You can provide many services as an agency for social media marketing. This software will enable you to control all the services you provide to your customers.

You can suitably categorize all services for your needs by using categorical categories. SMM Matrix can be used to create categories. You can make any category and put the same kind of service under one category.

Diverse API Integrations

You could also offer the services of your customers, I’m sure. What did you think? Wow! Right?

Sure, SMM Matrix offers this feature. It can be utilized to create a multi-seller website for your site. Customers can not only buy your products. However, they can also sell them.


Access premium access to SMM Matrix – Social Media Marketing Tool Version 1.4 for only $29. Bug Finder also provides six-month support. You can extend your subscription all year long by paying the additional amount of $6.

If you’re not able or not willing for you to download this SMM Matrix, the Bug Finder team will be able to assist. The service is free. What are you wasting time waiting to do? You can benefit from the excellent help from Bug Finder by using this tool for marketing on social media.


SMM Matrix is a great social media marketing tool ideal for small and large businesses. For a minimal investment, it is possible to get lots of features at an affordable cost.

SMM Matrix offers everything, from the design and styling of your website to ticket generators to provide any services you like. It will take care of your website’s SEO. It also allows you to add custom meta-titles and met descriptions.

SMM Matrix team is the most effective when it comes to assistance. They can contact you at any time. Most of the time, they’ll be available 24 hours a day. It is impossible to ignore the benefits that this software offers. It must be on your list of the top options for SMMA. If you are impressed by its capabilities and believe that it will aid your business’s growth, Why not take advantage of it now?