Social Media Marketing ( SMM )

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM or Social Media Marketing) is the use of social media and social networking to market a company’s products and services. Social media marketing provides a way for businesses to reach new customers , engage with existing customers, and promote their desired culture, mission, or tone. Also known as “digital marketing” and “e-marketing,” social media marketing has specially designed data analytics tools that allow marketers to track the success of their efforts.

Social Media Marketing Strategy
A major strategy used in social media marketing is to develop messages and content that individual users will share with family, friends and colleagues. This strategy relies on word of mouth and has several advantages. First, it increases the reach of the message to networks and users that a social media manager might not otherwise have been able to reach. Second, shared content is implicitly trusted when sent by someone the recipient knows and trusts.

Social media strategy involves creating “sticky” content, which means it will grab a user’s attention and increase the possibility of them taking a desired action, such as buying a product or sharing the content. with others. Marketers create viral content designed to spread quickly among users. Social media marketing should also encourage customers to create and share their own content, such as reviews or comments on purchased products.

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